Roy Berardo is an award-winning composer who works on countless projects including animations, video games, films, and interactive experiences. He is experienced with dynamic music in Wwise and has also developed games in Unreal Engine 4.

Berardo studies music composition at California Institute of the Arts. There, he specializes in music for film and video. He has worked with many students from a wide variety of other disciplines such as animation, film, video, and theater.

Since the start, Berardo has always had a love for music and a creative mind. When his parents brought home an upright piano when Berardo was at the age of three, Berardo would spend hours sitting and playing. A few years later, he started piano lessons focused in classical and later in jazz. Whenever young Berardo sat at the piano, he would get distracted from what's on the page by his own thoughts and improvisations. Starting from the first sounds on his old upright and continuing to today, Berardo has always had a desire to tell great stories through his art. He has always worked to innovate and deliver music that stands out and drives in emotion.

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